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About the team behind Ethical Jewellery Australia

Ethical Jewellery Australia is a premium online bespoke jewellery business specialising in custom made engagement, wedding and commitment rings and other significant jewellery pieces. Also available is ‘The Promised Ring’, an innovative alternative to presenting your partner with a finished engagement ring. All jewellery is handmade in Australia. Each piece is made with non-conflict, sweatshop free diamonds from either Australia or Canada and Fair Trade or Australian coloured gemstones and recycled precious metal.

After a year of research and planning, the company was launched in June 2007 by Melinda Bailey and her partner, Benn Harvey-Walker.

Melinda Bailey FGAA
Melinda Bailey FGAACo-Founder, Creative Director

Melinda, a jewellery designer and registered Gemmologist, is the driving force behind Ethical Jewellery Australia (EJA). Melinda is also the creator of ‘The Promised Ring’.

When she learned of Oxfam’s ‘No Dirty Gold’ campaign, she signed the pledge immediately. Her resolve to provide an environmentally and socially responsible alternative strengthened even further when discovering through her Gemmology and further studies that the cost of mining and processing gemstones can be very high on both workers and environment.

At the time, a co-owner of a retail bespoke jewellery business, she made the decision to sell her interest in the shop and, with the support of her partner, Benn Harvey-Walker, launched Ethical Jewellery Australia.

Melinda supports customers through the ring design process, working with them to create exactly what they want. She sources the gems, diamonds and metals for all jewellery and manages the day to day running of the business. Melinda is a member of GAA (Gemmological Association of Australia)

Benn Harvey-Walker
Benn Harvey-WalkerCo-Founder
Benn is the co-founder of Ethical Jewellery Australia. He spent seventeen years as a marketing and management consultant before moving into building construction.

As the jewellery industry is driven by high-quality marketing, Benn’s input has been crucial in developing EJA’s branding. His consulting experience continues to ensure EJA is managed in an efficient and conscientious manner – for the sake of the team and to ensure happy customers.

Lately, Benn has become more involved directly in projects. He worked closely with Melinda to create the engagement ring design ebook and aspires to further his efforts in business development and marketing.

He can also be persuaded to make coffee from time to time and is an extremely rare talent at Bananagrams (but Melinda is better at Scrabble).

Gabriel Nugent
Gabriel NugentTech support
Gabriel, once no more than EJA’s overpaid courier become a part-time member of the in-house team. As an assistant, his role in the company is diverse. From tech support, to dabbling in book-keeping and even website editing. When he’s not hard at work, he spends his time juggling his university studies of Business/Creative Industries and engaging in an active social life.

Gabriel has a passion for technology. Since as long as he can remember, Gabriel has had an interest in all that beeps and boops. He has applied the knowledge he’s learnt over the years to his new role at EJA. Gabriel loves to build computers. If you’ve received a quote or an invoice in the past year and a half, they’ve come from a computer that Gabriel constructed himself.

Our wonderful jewellers

Ferdinand Woolley
Ferdinand WoolleyJeweller
We are fortunate to have the services of Ferdinand Woolley. A talented, creative and meticulous jeweller. And a fabulous human being. Ferdinand has worked with us for the past seven (or maybe eight) years. Ferdinand has over 25 years industry experience.

He somehow manages to turn some talk, lots of hand gestures and a few scribbles into the perfect ring.

Ferdinand is also a skilled gem and diamond setter. He is experienced in working with platinum and palladium. Both metals that can be tricky to work with.

We could not do what we do without him. He is treasured by us and all who wear his rings. Ferdinand is a key ingredient in our success. It is because of his unique ability and amazing care that it has taken us so long to expand our jeweller network. He has shown us that it is worth taking time to find the right people.

Christian Gortz
Christian GortzJeweller
Chris is the latest addition to our manufacturing team. He has worked with us for over three years. He has over 40 years of jewellery making experience. Chris hand makes jewellery from his beautiful, peaceful studio nestled in 100 acres of the Byron Bay Hinterland in NSW. An award winning jeweller and setter, Chris is a calm and patient man and is meticulous in his attention to detail. Producing work of the highest quality, every piece is finished to perfection. We are very fortunate to be able to share his skills with you.

Honourable mentions

Other suppliers

Engraver – Duncan Vickers
Valuer – Mark Seddon – Girls Love Pearls