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Australian coloured diamonds

product image: white and coloured diamonds from the Argyle mine in Western Australia

We offer you pink, yellow and cognac and champagne coloured diamonds from either the Argyle or Ellendale mines in Western Australia. We can source many different sizes – from tiny accent gems to investment quality sizes.

Pink diamonds sit almost at the very top of the diamond price tree – slightly below red. The price of them can take your breath away.


Pink and white diamond ring in recycled platinum
Pink Diamond Colour Chart
Image: Argyle pink diamonds colour chart


Yellow diamonds are less expensive than pinks – with a similar price to white diamonds (a colour chart is not currently available for yellow diamonds). Usually, we have limited supply of these, as a major jewellery company snaffles up much of the yield. Most of what we have is from half a carat to a carat but usually only a few pieces at any one time. As you can see from the top photograph, yellow diamonds range in colour from pale straw to a vivid/bright sunshine.

IMG_4909 (600x362)

Cognac and champagne colours are increasing in popularity for their interesting hues and their affordability. A one carat cognac diamond can be had for a third of the price of the equivalent sized white diamond, making them a very affordable choice. At the lighter end of the champagne spectrum, the diamond can look like a barely tinted white and can add a lovely antique element to the appearance of the ring.

Argyle Cognac Diamonds 1.12ct 1.03ct and 1.01ct Cushions

Ring image: Handmade engagement ring cushion cut Argyle cognac diamond in recycled platinum with amazing mandala inspired hand engraving by Ethical Jewellery Australiatwo tone cognac wedderRings image: A pair of Argyle cognac diamond rings. Both bezel set rings. The engraved ring is recycled platinum and the other is recycled Palladium.


Argyle cognac and champagne diamonds colour chart
Argyle Cognac and Champagne Diamonds Colour Chart

Now and then, we may have blue (or other coloured) diamonds on offer.

None of the diamonds we offer for sale have been treated in any way.

If you are looking for white diamonds, please visit this page



All photographs of loose Argyle diamonds are posted with kind permission from the photographer – John Mann for Origin Australia. Copyright remains with him and we ask that you do not copy these images.

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