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Eco-friendly machine pressed wedding rings.

Rings image: handmade wedding rings. Die struck and half round. The rings were made of recycled palladium.

Machine pressed recycled palladium half round wedding rings

If you love the idea of a wedding ring made from recycled metal, but you would like to save a few dollars.

You can choose machine pressed (or die struck) wedding rings instead of having them handmade. 

Each wedding band is made to order and is finished by hand. 
We source these rings from Hoover and Strong, a US eco-refiner.

All wedding rings are made with certified 100% post-consumer recycled precious metals.

The most common style choices for these wedding rings are a half-round, or flat profile.
 Ring image: dye struck ethical wedding ring in recycled metal with a half round profile by Hoover and Strong, supplied by Ethical Jewellery AustraliaRing image: dye struck ethical wedding ring in recycled metal with a flat profile by Hoover and Strong, supplied by Ethical Jewellery Australia
Images supplied by Hoover and Strong and used with permission.



You can choose to have a polished or brush finish or you can add your own touch such as engraving or setting diamonds or gemstones. 

Die struck recycled palladium ring with custom engravingRings image: handmade wedding and eternity rings. Two rings, made from recycled palladium - one is a premade wedding ring, the other is the eternity ring, studded with Argyle white diamonds.Ring image: die struck wedding ring. The band is made of recycled palladium and features Argyle diamonds and sapphires. The ring features a swirly engraving.

Cost saving

Machine-pressed rings are a lower cost alternative to Australian handmade ethical wedding rings. They also offer a less expensive base for adding personal details such as engraving or diamond and gem setting.

Benefits of machine pressing

Unlike casting, which can cause porosity and other weaknesses, machine pressing creates strong rings.
In addition, this method of manufacturing is efficient, ensuring minimal waste and an environmentally responsible use of resources.

Eco friendly

The refinery in which they are produced has zero emissions (both in air and water).
Hoover and Strong has received responsible source certification from a third party auditor (SCS)

Rings image: a stack of recycled metal wedding rings. Platinum, palladium and yellow gold all dye struck and hand finished for Ethical Jewellery Australia

How much?*

Palladium: $320 – $850**

18 carat gold: $500 – $1500**

Platinum: $700 – $2300**

*Engraving, diamonds and other embellishments can be added at extra cost.

**The price ranges listed are for standard half round or flat bands (with a comfort fit), 2 – 6mm (generally 1.4 – 1.7mm thick, except ‘heavy’ flat bands which are 2mm thick as standard) in sizes 5 – 10 with a polished or brushed finish.

Rings are usually available in 14 and 18 carat white (nickel free), yellow and rose gold, palladium and platinum in sizes 4 – 12 (Australian H 1/4 – Y). Some styles can be custom ordered in sizes and widths other than those stated.

If your size or requirements are outside of these parameters, please contact us for a quote. 

A ring sizer can be mailed to you. Just provide your mailing address in your email.