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We want you to love your ring.

If it doesn’t fit properly, we will resize it for free.

In the unlikely event of a fault, we will make it like new again.

If you would like a clean and polish every now and then, we are happy to do that for you as well.

Quality guarantee

When it comes to quality, we only deal with reputable diamond and gemstone suppliers. All of our traceable diamonds are accompanied by documentation (origin certificates and laboratory certificates where applicable).

The metal we buy is 100% recycled by environmentally responsible refiners. We have a strong emphasis on environmental issues and choosing responsibly recycled precious metals helps to reduce the impact of mining on the environment. However, recycled does not mean second best; recycled metal is as pure and useable as any newly mined metal that has been processed for jewellery use.

All of our gold (white, yellow and rose), palladium and platinum is hallmarked, guaranteeing its purity.

The diamonds and gemstones we offer you, are from non-conflict areas and most of them (excluding recycled diamonds and gemstones) are of a traceable origin. All traceable diamonds come with documents supporting their origin.

We do not support sweatshop labour and offer you diamonds and gemstones that have been processed by a non-exploited workforce.

Our handmade pieces are hallmarked with the EJA stamp, guaranteeing that the piece has been handmade in Australia using recycled metal and ethical diamonds or gemstones.

All of our handmade pieces are made in Australia.

We do not sell cast jewellery. The only not completely handmade rings we offer are die-struck wedding rings sourced from Hoover and Strong a US eco refiner.