Eco-friendly machine-pressed wedding rings

When handmade isn’t really what you need

If you love the idea of a wedding ring made from recycled metal but need to careful about how much you spend, you could choose machine pressed (or die struck) wedding rings instead of having them handmade. 

Each wedding band is made to order and is finished by hand. We source our machine-pressed rings from Hoover & Strong (a US-based eco-refiner) and they’re all made with certified 100% post-consumer recycled precious metals. 

Machine-pressed rings are well worth considering

Whilst we love the idea of handmade, often there are good reasons to start with a die-struck ring – especially if all you need is something simple.

They’re easily personalised

You can choose to have a polished or brush finish or you can add your own touch such as engraving or (if the ring is thick enough) setting small diamonds or gemstones.

They’re more affordable

Machine-pressed rings are a lower cost alternative to Australian handmade ethical wedding rings. They also offer a less expensive base for adding personal details such as engraving.

They’re structurally strong

Unlike casting, which can cause porosity and other weaknesses, machine pressing creates strong rings.

They’re eco-friendly

The refinery in which they are produced has zero emissions (both in air and water), and since this method of manufacturing is so efficient, it allows for minimal waste and an environmentally responsible use of resources. Hoover & Strong has received responsible source certification from a third party auditor (SCS) www.scsglobalservices.com

Hi Melinda. We went and picked up the rings today. They’re lovely and exactly what we were after.

Thank you very much for all your help during the whole process. You were so easy to work with, and we really appreciated always being kept in the loop.

Min from Canberra, ACT

How much do machine-pressed rings cost?

Because precious metal prices vary quite a lot from time to time, it’s best to contact us for a quote. That said, we can still give you an idea of how much they cost:

Image of a collection of machine pressed wedding rings in a variety of profiles and finishes

There are a lot of options available with machine-pressed rings, though most people chose a flat of half-round profile

Below are our price ranges for standard half round or flat bands (with a comfort fit), 2 – 6mm (generally 1.4 – 1.7mm thick, except ‘heavy’ flat bands which are 2mm thick as standard) in sizes 5 – 10 with a polished or brushed finish.

  • Platinum and palladium: $700 – $2,300*
  • 18 carat gold: $500 – $1,500*

*engraving, diamonds and other embellishments can be added at extra cost.

Available caratage and sizes

Rings are usually available in 10, 14 and 18 carat white (nickel free), yellow and rose gold, palladium and platinum in sizes 4 – 12 (Australian H 1/4 – Y). Some styles can be custom ordered in sizes and widths other than those stated.

If your size or requirements are outside of these parameters, please email us (preferred) for a quote – or feel free to call us during business hours on 07 3379 2596

Which metal is right for you?

There are a number of things to think about when choosing the right metal for your rings. This blog article explains the traps and pitfalls for the unwary.

Why recycled?

At EJA, we’re big fans of recycled precious metals. In fact it’s pretty much all we use.

These two blog articles, one about gold and the other about the platinum group metals, explain why.

Want a quote for machine-pressed wedding rings?

Before we can give you a meaningful price, we need to know a couple of things. In particular your preferred design and your ring size.

When you contact us (email or phone 07 3379 2596), make sure you request a free ring sizer and provide us with your mailing address so we can post it to you.

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