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Engagement, wedding and anniversary ring price guide

All of our EJA branded engagement, wedding and anniversary rings are handmade in Australia. They are made with recycled precious metals and ethically sourced/traceable diamonds and gemstones.

Due to the volatility of the market, all prices are subject to change.

Engagement rings

This is a guide only and the final price depends on the quantity of metal required, the type of feature and accent stones, and the amount of time it takes to make your piece.

These prices are for metal and manufacturing charges (excluding diamonds or coloured gemstones). There is a diamond price guide further below.

Metal and manufacturing charges (excluding diamond/s or gem/s) – for engagement rings that take twelve hours or less to manufacture – on an average finger size:

Palladium: from $1800*
18 carat (white, rose or yellow) gold: from $2200*
Platinum: From $2400*

*To this you add the diamond/s or gem/s.

Examples of relatively simple ring designs 




For elaborately hand pierced or pave diamond set (many diamonds or gems), regardless of metal type, expect to pay anything from $750 – $1500 more (excluding diamonds).

Examples of more labour intensive ring designs



You can read more about engagement ring pricing in this recent blog post.


Design consultations

Simple designs without custom drawings are free of charge – as is advice. However, if you are looking to design something unique and you would like to see a scale image of the ring, then we offer you a full design service with images created just for you. This is typically $150 unless multiple revisions are required.

Wedding and anniversary rings

Simple half round or flat bands with minor variations.

Wedding and anniversary/commitment rings can be handmade in palladium, 18 carat white, yellow or rose gold and platinum. We don’t usually work with nine or 14 carat gold, but will quote if requested.

All metals used have been recycled. There is no quality difference between recycled and newly mined gold.

Women’s rings are typically 2mm to 4mm and men’s 5mm to 7mm. There are exceptions (particularly if there is no engagement ring) but these are the most commonly requested widths. There is a big variation in finger sizes, so it is difficult to be precise with pricing for the more expensive metals. The sizes given here are the most common, but not the only sizes we cater to. As everything is handmade, we can custom fit. Smaller and larger sizes can change the price significantly.

2mm – 4mm (sizes J/4.75 – O/7)

Palladium: $500 – $750

18 carat gold (rose, white, yellow): $700 – $1100

Platinum: $800 – $2000

5mm – 7mm (sizes P.5/8 – X.5/12)

Palladium: $800 – $1500

18 carat gold (rose, white, yellow): $1400 – $3000

Platinum: $1550 – $3500

Fitted wedding rings

There is no ‘one price fits all’ in this category. However, a simple, unadorned fitted wedding ring is usually $200 to $300 more than its simpler counterpart – more with engraving and diamonds or gemstones.  It should be noted that the engagement ring is required to work with when fitting the wedding ring as it has to be custom made to fit perfectly.

Fancy wedding rings

More elaborate wedding rings are difficult to give a general price. Rings with multiple diamonds take a lot longer to set, two tone rings can take more time and so on. There are so many variations in price – it is advisable to ask us for a quote.

Don’t forget to ask us for a free ring sizer and we will send you one in the mail.



We can put words on the inside of your band, fingerprints, symbols – whatever you can imagine (as long as it fits). The outside can be engraved with all manner of designs from simple to intricate. Prices range from $30 for the date inside the ring to anything up to $600 depending on the complexity.


Diamond price guide

product image: pink, white, champagne and cognac coloured ethical diamonds from the Argyle mine in Western Australia
We offer you a wide selection of certified pink, champagne, cognac and white diamonds from Argyle (Australia), the occasional yellow from Ellendale (Australia) and white diamonds from the Diavik mine in Canada. We can also source post-consumer recycled diamonds. These are often in ‘higher’ colours and offer very good value for money.
The following price guide refers to GIA or HRD certified, sweatshop free, from a known origin (Australia or Canada) non-conflict, white, eye clean diamonds graded Very Good to Excellent.

Half carat Argyle round diamonds from $4000 up to full carat from $10,000 (you can pay less for those with visible inclusions). Argyle princess (square) diamonds are subject to availability, as they are in limited supply; please enquire if interested. Yellow diamonds from the Ellendale mine in Western Australia are available in limited supply. They are similar in price to white diamonds. Argyle cognac diamonds of various shapes in a half carat from $1200 to one carat from $4500.

Other shapes available in Argyle diamonds include oval, emerald and pear. Canadian diamonds are generally available in round brilliant cut (other shapes may be able to be found). Prices are to be used a guide only and are subject to change with currency (and other) fluctuations. Current as at 7th March, 2017 with the Australian dollar @ $US0.75

Pink diamonds are the ultimate gift of luxury and pinks over a certain size are considered a sound investment as their value rises every year. As the mine has a limited lifespan, the price will only increase.* Price-wise, pink diamonds can be on par with super luxury car prices – larger ones can cost as much as a house.

Contact us for an obligation free quote.
*this is not intended as investment advice, just an observation of the trending of pink diamond prices.


Independent valuations from $80 per piece.


Australia Post, postage and transit insurance for handmade rings is free of charge within Australia. Courier charges can vary and will be discussed during the ring design process.

Pick up is available for Brisbane residents by appointment.

We do not post outside of Australia unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Ring box

All of our rings are presented to you in a beautiful, sustainable timber ring box


All prices are in Australian dollars and include GST and/or import duty if applicable.

 *For earrings, pendants, cufflinks, bracelets and other types of jewellery, price depends on the design and really can’t be estimated. Promised Ring packs are priced according to the weight and type of metal and the choice of diamond or gemstone.