This story, whilst more than a little sad, warms the heart too.

Towards the end of last year we received a call from Craig. His wife of many years had passed away recently and whilst still grieving himself, Craig wanted to do something special for his wife’s best friend. She was also feeling the loss keenly.

Craig wanted us to make something for her friend using his wife’s engagement and wedding rings. The rings were, of course, important to him, but not something he could wear himself.

After a short consultation, it was decided Craig’s wife’s rings would be remade into a pendant in the shape of a lower case ‘s’ – her first initial.

Recycling for the heart

Photo of a white gold wedding set - engagement and wedding ring - about to be recycled into a gift for a dear friend of the deceased

The rings before being melted down, along with the extra white gold needed to complete the piece.

Unfortunately there wasn’t quite enough metal in the two rings to complete the pendant, so we added some more recycled 18 carat white gold to complete the design.

The diamond from the engagement ring was recovered too and features prominently in the finished piece.

Image of a jeweller hand making a pendant from recycled white gold

One of our jewellers – Ferdinand – hand making the pendant.

Ready for the friend of a lifetime

Photo of the finished pendant, with chain, in a beautifully crafted presentation box.

The finished pendant, with chain, in a beautifully crafted presentation box.

The finished pendant was complemented by a 14 carat white gold chain from Hoover & Strong (made with recycled gold).

Smiles and tears all round

To say the least, Craig’s wife’s friend was delighted with the pendant and, understandably, became quite tearful (in a good way) when he presented it to her. This is what she had to say …

“Was such a special gift to receive in remembrance of my dear friend of 48 years . Her husband is an amazing, caring , special man who took such wonderful care of his lovely wife.” Linda G

It is such a beautiful tribute and we are honoured to be a part of this lovely gesture.


About EJA

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By the way, we offer an Australia-wide service.

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About the Author: Benn Harvey-Walker

Benn is a Co-founder of Ethical Jewellery Australia and a keen student of ethical and sustainability issues in the jewellery world. He has a long history in sales and marketing and began working with EJA full time in early 2018.

Benn co-authored the original Engagement Ring Design Guide in 2014 and edited the 2nd Edition in 2018. He is also the principle author of the upcoming wedding and commitment ring design guide.

His main responsibilities at EJA are business development and sales process management.  Benn also creates technical drawings for our ring designs.