The Promised Ring

For when you know your partner would love to design their own engagement ring

If you think your partner would love the idea of being involved in designing their own engagement ring, but don’t want to pop the question empty handed, The Promised Ring is the perfect solution.

One less thing to worry about

If you feel like you don’t have a design bone in your body, or more’s the point, you know your partner would absolutely love to be involved in designing their own ring, The Promised Ring concept is an easy way to make all the right moves.

Delivered in a beautiful wooden presentation box, your Promised Ring set can include the perfect ingredients for your partner’s dream engagement ring – whatever that might be.

A simple idea that solves big problem

Designing an engagement ring can be a complicated process. For some people it’s loads of fun. For others, not so much.

When you’re sure the right thing to do is allow your partner to be part of the design process, The Promised Ring enables you to do that.

In short, you choose the precious metal and some or all of the diamonds or gemstones and present those to your partner instead of a finished ring.

You still have to make some important decisions about which metal and which diamonds and/or gemstones to choose —we’re happy to help you with that—but then later on you and your partner can design the ring together.

(And a big plus is you don’t have to stress about getting the size right!)

A ‘stunt ring’ might be in order?

If proposing without a ring doesn’t feel quite right, that’s understandable. After all, actually putting a ring on your loved one’s finger is a big deal.

A popular option for many of our customers is simply to buy a stand in ring (perhaps from an Etsy seller or a vintage retailer) and use that on the day. The Promised Ring then becomes the icing on the cake.

But if you’d like something just a bit more special than that, we can help you with a hand made ‘stunt ring’ to fill the spot on your partner’s finger in the meantime.

No obligation

As much as we’d love to be the ones to help you and your partner with the final design and make of your engagement ring, you’re not obligated to come back to us.

We understand there can be lots of reasons to go elsewhere—perhaps to a family jeweller—but of course we’d  be thrilled if you and your partner chose us to make your ring for you.


Download a copy of our free Ring Design Guide

If you’re thinking The Promised Ring might be the go, but would like to learn more about engagement ring design before going any further, downloading a copy of our Engagement, Wedding & Commitment Ring Design Guide is a great way to learn more about the process and get the ideas flowing.

This free guide is filled with all kinds of useful information that will having you talking like a jewellery designer in no time.

Simply click the button below to learn more and request your copy.