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Not everyone likes to have an engagement ring chosen for them

Not everyone likes choosing an engagement ring. But often the person asking the question would like to have something to give while doing the asking.

‘The Promised Ring’ addresses this dilemma.

Instead of buying a ring, you buy the metal and the diamonds or gemstones and present those.

The Promised Ring is an ingot of recycled precious metal (white, yellow or rose gold, platinum or palladium).

This is combined with your choice of diamonds or gemstones in a sustainable timber presentation box.

You give this to your beloved when you propose. 

Each box is unique. Created just for you.


Product Image :The Promised Ring a sustainable timber box holding an Argyle oval diamond and an ingot of recycled platinum.

Should you choose to, you may buy either the diamonds and/or gemstones only.
You can also buy an ingot of metal on its own.

The promised ring isn’t only for engagement rings.

Anytime you want to gift someone jewellery, you could offer this instead.

We will help  you with your selection. 

Why this concept works so well

  • Choosing an engagement ring can create stress and confusion.
  • The excitement of asking the big question can get lost in the mix when faced with so many choices.
  • It can go from holding onto a delicious secret. To one of the worst moments of performance anxiety imaginable.
  • Choosing something so important (and expensive) for someone else can be a daunting task
  • Often, it involves learning what seems like a foreign language.
There’s also that little niggling feeling. Is this person just trying to get the sale? Is this really the best ring for my partner?

How will I know what to choose for my Promised Ring pack?

Take some time to think about what your partner would want from an engagement ring.
First instinct often tells us that ‘the bigger the better’. Experienced jewellers will tell you that buying the best you can afford is better.

What’s the best choice?

Well, that’s different for everyone. It doesn’t mean choosing a D flawless diamond for thousands of dollars more than an E colour diamond that is very slightly included. The reality is, to the naked eye, there is no discernible difference.
Think about what would matter the most to your partner.
Perhaps your heart is set on purchasing a one carat diamond, but your budget is not.
A great alternative is to buy several stones that add up to a carat.
Maybe your budget doesn’t run to this at all. Consider a band ring set all the way round with small but perfect Diamonds.
Perhaps, in a few years time, you can add the ‘rock’. Or maybe your partner would prefer to add more rings of the same type.
It takes a while of living with a ring to realise exactly what type of ring best suits your personal style and your lifestyle. Your partner will respect the thoughtfulness of the decisions you make.
You could also choose to ditch the diamond altogether.
Choose your partner’s favourite gem or birthstone instead. Sprinkle a few accent diamonds around to add a bit of sparkle.
So much importance is attached to the engagement ring. The reality is, that the ring is a symbol.
The important part is the commitment it represents.
A big part of this commitment is showing your partner that you have an understanding of who they are. When you are choosing something this significant without them. It is important that you are able to show them that you put a lot of thought into their feelings and preferences.
The beauty of a ‘Promised Ring’ is that you can still offer the element of surprise and ensure they end up with exactly what they want.
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