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Not everyone likes to have an engagement ring chosen for them

Many people prefer to have the option of being involved in the design process. However, often the person asking the question would like to have something to give them while doing the asking.

The Promised Ring’ addresses this dilemma perfectly.

Instead of buying a ring; buy the metal and the diamonds or gemstones and present those.

The Promised Ring is an ingot of precious metal (white, yellow or rose gold, platinum or palladium) combined with your choice of diamonds or gemstones, to be presented to your loved one at the time of a marriage proposal.

Each box is unique, created to meet your requirements. We have also designed a resizable silver ‘promise ring’ that can be personalised with your own message and symbol. These offer a wonderful temporary solution while your partner’s ring is being made. Should you choose to, you may purchase either the diamonds/gemstones only, or the metal.

An example of a customised promised ring.

Product Image :The Promised Ring a sustainable timber box holding an Argyle oval diamond and an ingot of recycled platinum.

The Promised Ring oval diamond and platinum

Why this concept works so well

Having worked in the retail jewellery industry for some years, I have seen that choosing an engagement ring can cause extreme stress and confusion. The excitement of asking the big question can get lost in the mix when faced with so many choices. It turns from holding onto a delicious secret to one of the worst moments of performance anxiety imaginable.

A person who is lucky enough to find a good independent retailer who is also a manufacturing jeweller will perhaps find the process somewhat less painful, as they are likely to be well attended. However, the fact remains – choosing something so important (and expensive) for someone else is a daunting task.

Often, it involves learning what seems like a foreign language — for example diamonds; a myriad of colours, the mystery of inclusions, the type and quality of cuts — round brilliant, princess, baguette, asscher, carre —grading scores: good, very good, excellent, ideal etc., the possible prescence of fluorescence, measurements like the spread of the table, pavilion height, thickness of the girdle and on it goes. Who knew there would be so much to consider (and so much price variation) for something so tiny!


A ring is a ring is a ring, how on earth do you choose…?

Then, there is the ring itself. Settings and styles — art deco, modern, antique, avante garde, bezel, claw, illusion, tension, pave, two tone, channel setting, gypsy setting, classic Tiffany — would you like filigree work, milgrain etching, engraving, shoulder stones, high set, low set-would you prefer a central coloured stone? A matching wedding ring? What size?

There’s also that little niggling feeling — is this person just trying to get the sale…?

We believe that sales should occur only when the product is exactly what you are looking for. That is why we have a strong emphasis on education on our website. If you are looking for a diamond and don’t know much about them, our intent is to ensure that you not only know all that you need to know about the diamond you buy, but that you’re also reassured that you are buying exactly the right diamond for your needs and your budget.

But I know quite a bit about diamonds….

If diamonds are not such a mystery to you, then you can be confident that the diamond you purchase is exactly what you expect it to be. It has to be. As a registered Gemmologist, I must adhere to a strict code of ethics; the qualification is hard won and I take it very seriously.

I also love top quality diamonds and gemstones and take great pride in what I offer to all my customers. We offer GIA graded material – because of this, you will receive exactly the colour and clarity that you have paid for.

Our metal is pure and responsibly recycled and our diamonds are non-conflict, untreated and cut by a non-exploited workforce,  definately no child labour.

If you are seeking a coloured gemstone, then we will find the one that is perfect for you. Above all this, you will receive excellent value for your money.

Because of the quality of our diamonds and precious metal, the person who sets the ring will not be concerned about breakages, the jeweller who makes your engagement ring will be happy to work with the raw materials and the person who wears the ring will love it forever.

By choosing loose stones and metals this way and having them handcrafted, you will ensure that the finished piece is going to last the distance. The only way to create the ‘best’ is to start with quality, pay attention to design and have it made by a top craftsperson. The end result will be a piece of jewellery that is durable, beautiful and values higher than you paid for it.

Also keep in mind that by purchasing from Ethical Jewellery Australia, you are making an environmentally and socially responsible decision.This may not be so important to you now; however, in the future, environmentally responsible jewellery will be the standard. And, as public awareness grows, the working conditions of those who process these raw materials (as well as how they are processed) will significantly affect the public perception of goods on offer for sale and influence their buying choices.

How will I know what to choose?

Before you start to browse through the diamonds and metal we have to offer, take some time to think about what it is your partner would want from an engagement ring. First instinct often tells us that ‘the bigger the better’. Experienced jewellers will tell you that buying the best you can afford is the best option.

What’s the best choice? Well, that’s different for everyone.

It doesn’t mean choosing a D flawless stone for thousands of dollars more than an E stone that is very slightly included. The reality is, to the naked eye, there is no discernible difference.

Think about what would matter the most to your partner.

Perhaps your heart is set on purchasing a one carat diamond; however, your budget is not.

A great alternative is to buy several stones that add up to a carat. Maybe your budget doesn’t run to this at all; consider a substantial band ring set all the way round with small but perfect Diamonds. Perhaps, in a few years time, you can add the ‘rock’ – or maybe your partner would prefer just to add more rings of the same type.

It takes a while of living with a ring to realise exactly what type of ring best suits your personal style and your lifestyle. Your partner will respect the thoughtfulness of the decisions you make.

You could also choose to ditch the diamond altogether and choose your partner’s favourite gem or birthstone instead, perhaps sprinkle a few accent diamonds around to add a bit of sparkle.

So much importance is attached to the engagement ring, however, the reality is, that the ring is a symbol – the important part is the commitment it represents. A big part of this commitment is showing your partner that you have an understanding of who they are.

When you are choosing something this significant without their input, it is important that you are able to show them that you put a lot of thought into their feelings and preferences when making your decision. The beauty of a ‘Promised Ring’ is that you can still offer the element of surprise and ensure they end up with exactly what they want.

Melinda Nugent FGAA


Ethical Jewellery Australia