About Ethical Jewellery Australia

What’s our reason for being?

When we launched Ethical Jewellery Australia (EJA) in 2007,  our goal was to provide our customers with the an ethical option for engagement, wedding, eternity and commitment rings.

Since then we’ve helped people all over Australia create the perfect, ethically sound symbol of love for their partner. (Check out our testimonials to see what our customers have to say.)

Our rings are all made to order and we only use recycled or fair trade precious metals and ethically sourced and processed diamonds and gemstones.

Why ethical jewellery?

EJA was originally created to fill what we saw as a big gap in the Australian marketplace.

At the time, few people even imagined there might be such a thing as “ethical jewellery”, much less build a business around the idea.

One of the very first in Australia

Back in 2007 (as far as we were aware), no other Australian jewellery business offered an exclusively ethical product to customers.

Before then, you simply could not find an Australian jewellery company that could guarantee their products were ethically sourced.

EJA changed all that and since then several other local jewellers have followed suit and have started offering ethical alternatives.

The demand for ethical jewellery is growing

On the world stage (we can’t take any credit for this), even global brand powerhouses like Tiffany have incorporated the practice into their jewellery ranges, demonstrating that there really is a shift in the world market.

Personal advice and support throughout the process. A very professional service which really seeks to ensure the customer is truly happy while designing and making the ring. Going to the extra mile to make their customers happy.

I highly recommend EJA to anyone who wishes to own and admire an ethical ring!

Gemma from Central Queensland

Our ethical guidelines

For us, “ethical jewellery” means jewellery that has been made with recycled precious metals and ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones.

That’s why, wherever possible we source Australian diamonds and gemstones. Because this helps to reduce our carbon miles and to support the local economy.

Likewise we don’t work with material that has been sourced from a conflict area or processed by an exploited workforce. So that also means no sweatshops and no child labour.

Precious metals

All of our rings are made with recycled or fair trade gold, recycled platinum or palladium sourced only from environmentally responsible metal refiners.

Engagement rings, wedding and other rings are made by hand in Australia.

The only prefabricated parts we use are some earring and chain components which we purchase from suppliers who use recycled metals.

Image of recycled gold and platinum rings in the process of being made

To learn more about why we’re so much in favour of recycling, click here to find out about the future of precious metal supplies.

Diamonds and coloured gemstones

All of the diamonds and gemstones we offer in our rings and other jewellery must be sourced from non-conflict regions, be fair-trade or be vintage or recycled. Either that or they’re lab-grown diamonds or lab-grown gemstones from reputable manufacturers.

We do not supply any gemstones or diamonds that have been cut or processed in any way by child or exploited labour.

No toxic treatments

Likewise we do not use irradiated gemstones or stones enhanced with beryllium or any other toxic treatments.

Image of a small selection of Australian sapphires - blues yellows and parti coloured

Our quality guarantee

Our jewellery is made to last. We work with exceptionally talented Australian bespoke jewellers.

Image of a jewellery piece being heated to red hot under a blow torch

Heirloom quality

We make sure our jewellery is not only beautiful but also made to cope with the rigors of everyday life.

Our handmade pieces are hallmarked with the EJA stamp. This guarantees the piece has been made in Australia using recycled or Fair Trade metal and ethical diamonds and gemstones.

And because quality is just as important to us as maintaining our ethical standards, all of our gold, palladium and platinum is hallmarked to confirm its purity.

Likewise, all of our traceable diamonds are accompanied by appropriate documentation. Origin certificates and laboratory certificates are supplied where applicable.

Above everything else, we want you to love your ring.

If it doesn’t fit properly, we will resize it for free. And, in the unlikely event of a fault, we will make it like new again.

Sound like the right fit for you?

If we sound like the kind of people you’d like to make that special piece of jewellery for you, feel free to drop us an email (preferred) or give us a call on 07 3379 2596

Or if you’re still note sure, here we explain why EJA may or may not be right for you.

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