Bespoke wedding rings, fitted rings and commitment rings

Custom designs that perfectly reflect your taste and style

Bespoke wedding rings that make a personal statement

Fitted rings to beautifully compliment your engagement or dress ring

Commitment rings—when you want to ignore convention
and make up your own rules

Bespoke wedding rings

Having a wedding ring hand made offers the perfect opportunity to create something that is uniquely yours and truly personal.

Over the years we’ve designed and made all kinds of wedding rings featuring anything from simple but unique textures, personalised and symbolic engraving and bands that include gemstones and diamonds that perfectly compliment the owner’s engagement ring.

Sometimes too we’ll incorporate metal, diamonds and gemstones from family members’ jewellery to give them a whole new lease on life.

Here’s just a small taste of what’s possible …

For more inspiration, visit our gallery or download a free copy of our Wedding & Commitment Buyer’s Guide.

Fitted rings

When it comes time to find a ring that stacks well with your engagement ring or other special band, this can be the perfect opportunity to design something that does more than just sit snugly against the ring you’ve already got.

Fitted rings can be simple, or they can take the look of your existing ring to a whole new level.

Here are just a few examples to get the ideas flowing. (Visit our gallery for more inspiration.)

Commitment rings

Commitment rings seem to sit somewhere between engagement rings and wedding rings
and very often they do both jobs.

They can be anything from a simple, plain band to an elaborate work of art. The rule is, there are no rules—and that makes for some exciting design possibilities.

What they always are though, is an expression of love between two people committed to one another.

We’d love to help you tell that story.

Again, for more inspiration, visit our gallery or download a free copy of our Wedding & Commitment Buyer’s Guide.

I have nothing but praise for EJA. Melinda provided the most personalized and professional service based on respect and integrity.

Our rings are impeccable (thank you Ferdinand!) and are truly a unique work of art! We couldn’t be happier!

Lauren from New South Wales



Download a free copy of our Guide to designing the perfect Engagement, Wedding or Commitment ring

When it comes to designing an engagement, wedding or commitment ring, the possibilities are endless. (And there are a few traps for newcomers.)

To help you along your way choosing and designing your ring or rings, we’ve created a detailed guide that explains everything you need to take into consideration.

And it’s packed with photographs and design ideas to get you started.