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How to create your partner’s dream engagement ring

​The very useful guide to creating the perfect handmade engagement ring

Written by EJA’s founders, Melinda Bailey and Benn Harvey-Walker, this downloadable guide is the ultimate companion for those who want to create something truly unique and special.

In this comprehensive guide you’ll learn about:

  • The 6 key design considerations – your budget, your partner’s style and taste, hand and finger shapes, allergies and skin reactions and time constraints;
  • If and when it’s practical to recycle old jewellery;
  • How to find out your partner’s ring size;
  • What options you have when choosing diamonds and gemstones to suit your design;
  • How to choose the right precious metal for your design;
  • All about ring designs and styles (so you know the right terminology to use);
  • Setting your budget;

… and a whole lot more.

It’s so much more than a simple brochure and it’s packed with a wealth of information and practical advice.

The Ethical Jewellery Buyer’s Guide to Wedding and Commitment Rings


​The very useful guide to creating the perfect handmade wedding or commitment ring for you and your partner

If you’ve already ‘popped the question’ or you’re ready to make a commitment with more than just words, this guide is just what you need.

Written entirely with the ethical buyer in mind, you’ll learn not only about making an environmentally and socially responsible purchase, you’ll also find out about:

  • Setting a budget that matches your needs;

  • The 7 key decision points you need to consider when purchasing a wedding or commitment ring; and

  • Is recycling old jewellery a worthwhile option?

On top of that you’ll find stacks of photographs to inspire your design ideas along with helpful hints on buying diamonds and precious gemstones.

Melinda made what seemed a daunting task simple and talked me through the ring design making me feel at ease the entire way through the process. I now consider myself an expert on engagement rings and my fiancé and I are both chuffed with the end result.
We couldn’t imagine a ring more perfect to celebrate our love and will definitely be talking soon to discuss wedding bands.
Nick & Alicia from Brisbane, Queensland




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