Engagement, wedding and commitment ring design guide

Free downloadable guide to help you design and commission your perfect ring

How to create ethical engagement, wedding, and commitment rings

​The very useful guide to ethically sourced, handmade, custom-designed rings for those special moments in your life.

Written by EJA’s founders, Melinda Bailey and Benn Harvey-Walker, this downloadable guide is the ultimate companion for those who want to create something truly unique and special.

Now in its third, fully revised and updated edition, in this comprehensive guide you’ll learn about:

  • The 7 key design considerations – your budget, your partner’s style and taste, hand and finger shapes, pairing with other rings, allergies and skin reactions and time constraints;
  • If and when it’s practical to recycle old jewellery;
  • How to find out your partner’s ring size;
  • What options you have when choosing diamonds and gemstones to suit your design;
  • How to choose the right precious metal for your design;
  • All about ring designs and styles (so you know the right terminology to use);
  • Setting your budget;

… and a whole lot more.

It’s so much more than a simple brochure. It’s packed with a wealth of information and practical advice for anyone about to embark on commissioning a custom made ring.

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