Giving Back

What we do to make good for at least some of the harm the jewellery industry does to the planet and its people

First principles

Ethical Jewellery Australia was originally started when our founder, Melinda Bailey, became aware of the environmental and social problems associated with the jewellery manufacturing and the whole industry supply chain.

Now, everything we do is designed to minimise the harm Ethical Jewellery Australia does to the environment. 

We recognise however that this, on its own, is not enough. That’s why we’re doing more to give back.

Offsetting our carbon emissions

How we help offset our carbon emissions

“Right now we are facing a man-made disaster of global scale – our greatest threat in thousands of years – climate change.
If we don’t take action the collapse of our civilisations and the extinction of much of our natural world is on the horizon.”

Sir David Attenborough, 2018

Two trees planted for every jewellery piece we make

In 2018 we committed to planting two trees for every piece of jewellery we sell.

Image of Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund scrubland regenerated in Western Australia


To make that happen we started working with Carbon Positive Australia (formerly Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund).

Carbon Positive Australia is a West Australia-based organisation that provides a service to individuals and businesses to help them off-set their carbon emissions. They do so by planting native trees and shrubs in areas that need regeneration (often areas of degraded farmland).

Of course, their efforts do a lot more than just sequester carbon. Planting natives in degraded areas helps to restore an area’s biodiversity, providing habitat for all manner of microorganisms, insects and animals.

Taking meaningful steps to combat global warming really is important. It’s probably THE most important thing we can do to help secure the future of the generations that come after us, no matter where they live on the planet.

Please take the time to visit Carbon Positive Australia’s website. They have a number of ways you can get involved as an individual or as a business – and it really doesn’t take much to make a meaningful difference.

Want to do more?

Offer your support directly

If you would like to do more to support the organisations we work with, we certainly encourage you to make donations directly.

Make donations direct to Carbon Positive Australia.
(Carbon Positive Australia is a registered charity in Australia and donations over $2 are tax deductible.)