Create the perfect engagement ring for the one you love

We’ll help you turn your ideas into a beautifully unique ring that will delight your partner

Bringing your design ideas to life

To give you an idea of what you can create, here’s a small sample of some of the custom made engagement rings we’ve created.

All of these designs were created in collaboration with our customers.

Some already knew what they wanted, but for many it was an exciting voyage  of discovery.

Without exception all were thrilled with the end result – in no small part because of all the care and attention that went into creating something truly special and unique.

How we work with you to create the perfect ring design

One thing that is a bit unusual about EJA is the fact that we don’t have a physical store or design studio. So you might be wondering how you can design an engagement ring remotely via the internet?

It’s actually easier and more convenient than you might think and we have literally hundreds of very happy customers who’ve already worked with us in this way.

How the design process works

Once you make contact with us you’ll guided through the design process by email. You can share your ideas and we will go back and forth with you until the design is ready and the diamonds or gems are chosen.

As most people are ‘visual’, we rely heavily on drawings and photographs of existing rings to help zero in on the design you’re after. And, of course, we’ll be asking a lot of questions about your partner to understand their colour preferences, style, taste, interests and any special requests, taking into account practical things like workplace requirements as well.

Hand drawing of an engagement ring design concept

Drawings are often a really big help in the design process. Especially if you’re having trouble picturing your finished ring.

On occasion, when it’s a very original or complicated design, we arrange to have a detailed concept drawing done to help in the visualisation process. This isn’t always needed, but it can be a big help when you’re having trouble picturing your design in your head.

Once you have accepted the concept design and have paid a deposit, if necessary we can fine tune the drawing to make sure you get exactly what you want.

After more than 15 years of designing rings this way, we have perfected the art of designing remotely (just read some of our testimonials if you’re unsure) but if you need reassurance that you’re dealing with real people, we’re also very happy to chat with you by phone.

About the materials we use

Our engagement rings are handmade in Australia using responsibly recycled precious metals sourced from our preferred local refiner.

When it comes to diamonds, you can choose from:

As a diamond alternative, you can also opt for laboratory-created Moissanite instead (by Charles & Colvard).

The most popular gemstones for engagement rings are sapphire, ruby and garnet. We can offer you Australian, US, vintage, Fairtrade and lab-created options.  Other gemstone varieties – like tourmaline, amethyst, aquamarine are also available and all are fully traceable and Fair Trade in origin.

Most of the fabulous Fair Trade coloured gemstones we use come from either Columbia Gem House in the US or UK-based Nineteen48.

We can also work with your own heirloom diamonds and gems if their condition is suitable for setting in a ring.

I want to thank Melinda for all her guidance and help in designing and producing our beautiful ring. She helped us source local gems (which was important to us) and was just so extremely communicative throughout the whole process. She made a real effort to get to know us at first, tailoring the experience to suit rather than just ‘selling jewellery’.

The end result is a beautiful ring and a happy fiancé! I would highly recommend Ethical Jewellery Australia for anybody wanting a very unique and personal piece created by lovely people, with the peace of mind that comes from knowing where how your materials are sourced.

Dave, from Sydney, NSW




How long does it take to design and make an engagement ring?

There are many things that can affect how long it might take to create a custom designed and handmade ring.

Coming up with the right design might only take a few hours, but then again it might take weeks. Similarly, finding, choosing and having your preferred diamonds and/or precious stones delivered all takes time.

Then there’s manufacturing which, depending on the season (back log of work), complexity of the design and what other skills are required (gem setters, engraving, valuation etc.) all adds to the process.

That said, as a rough guide, it usually takes us about six to eight weeks to deliver a handmade ring once the design has been signed off.

Let us know if you have a deadline

Bespoke jewellery design and manufacturing is one of those industries where things take as long as they take. The important thing is if you have a specific deadline, please, please, please let us know when you first contact us.

If we can’t meet your timeline, we’ll be honest and upfront about it rather than stress and disappoint you with unfulfilled promises.

How much does a handmade engagement ring cost?

There are two parts to this answer – the design process and the ring itself.

The Design Process

Your first design, including concept drawings, is free of charge, as is our advice.

If, after the first time around you decide you want to completely revise the design, we’ll look at this case by case.

If creating a completely new hand drawn design concept will consume a lot of time, this might attract a fee. We’ll discuss this with you at the time so there are no surprises.

Manufacturing the Ring

There are five major cost factors when it comes to making an engagement ring:

  • The complexity of the design. The more complex it is, the more labour ($s) required to make it;
  • Your choice of precious metal. At the moment (Sept, 2020), 18 carat gold is more expensive than platinum; (By the way, we don’t usually offer silver as an option. It’s typically uneconomic to use in a handmade engagement or wedding ring. Learn more about that here.);
  • The weight of the metal required to make the design. Finger size plays a part in this, but generally simpler designs use less metal than ‘chunkier’ or elaborate designs and the material cost reflects this;
  • Your choice of diamonds and/or gemstones. As you probably know by now, diamonds and gemstones vary wildly in price depending on things like clarity, cut quality, size, shape, colour and rarity. You could spend anything from a few hundred dollars at one end of the scale to tens of thousands at the other; and
  • The world market. The pricing of international commodities like precious metals and diamonds can be volatile depending on what’s going on in those markets. Sometimes you’ll pay more. Sometimes you’ll pay less. It’s not something any jeweller has control over.
So, what should your budget be?

To give you some kind of price guide …

  • A low cost, simple, handmade engagement ring in platinum could start at around $3,000;
  • Most of our mid-range customers find that a budget of around $6,000 to $10,000 will get them what they want without having to compromise a whole lot; and
  • A budget of $12,000 to $18,000 is usually enough to produce an outstanding piece of jewellery.

The thing to remember is, once you’ve settled on a design, the metal and labour costs are fairly set. It’s with the diamonds and gemstones that you can choose to spend a little or a lot.

It would be easy to spend $15,000 just on the main diamond if you wanted, so keep in mind you actually have quite a lot of control over how much you spend through your choices of diamonds and gemstones.

To learn more about the cost of things, visit our Ring Budget Guide section.

Download a copy of our free Engagement, Wedding & Commitment Ring Design Guide

If you’re not quite ready to talk to us just yet, downloading a copy of our Ring Design Guide is a great way to learn more about the process and get the ideas flowing.

This free guide is filled with all kinds of useful information that will having you talking like a jewellery designer in no time.

Simply click the button below to learn more and request your copy.


Our promise to you

​If this is your first adventure into the world of handmade engagement rings, then welcome. You’re in for an exciting time.

We’ve been designing engagement rings with our customers since 2007, mostly working with people who are designing as a surprise for someone else. We love getting to know them and helping them turn their ideas into something beautiful that will be cherished by their partner forever.

Whether you already have a clear design idea for the ring you want or don’t have the faintest idea where to begin, that’s okay. My role is to help you create the perfect ring for your partner (or yourself).

I’m here to guide you through the whole process. From working out all of the details of your ring design, to choosing the diamonds and gemstones and selecting the right precious metal. And once we’ve figured all that out, I’ll oversee one of our highly skilled and experienced jewellers to make sure  your ring is exactly how you imagined it. That’s a promise.

It’s a fun and rewarding process and I look forward to helping you turn your ideas into “I do”.

Feel free to drop me a line at [email protected] or give me a call on 0410 485 452.

I look forward to working with you.




Melinda Bailey, FGAA

Founder and Principal Jewellery Designer