Custom made engagement rings

Ethical engagement rings custom designed and handmade just for you

Whether you know exactly what you want or you don’t have the faintest idea where to begin, we can help you create a ring that will suit your budget, taste, lifestyle and personal ethical preferences. 

Every EJA engagement ring is custom designed and handmade to order so it’s exactly what you want.

We’ll help you understand the language of jewellery and take you through all stages of the design process. That means you can enjoy all the fun and excitement and avoid that overwhelmed feeling that often comes with engagement ring hunting.

About the materials we use

Our engagement rings are handmade right here in Australia using responsibly recycled or fair-mined metals and ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones.


Vintage style ring in platinum featuring a round white diamond flanked by four white baguette diamonds

Click on the image to learn more about this vintage-style diamond engagement ring.

Diamonds and diamond alternatives

For diamonds we can offer traceable Australian stones in contemporary cuts, vintage modern-cuts, old-cut vintage diamonds and laboratory-created diamonds.

You can also opt for moissanite – a laboratory-made diamond alternative.

Learn more about diamonds and diamond alternatives here.

Ring image - halo style engagement ring. Central Queensland parti-coloured sapphire surrounded by Argyle diamonds. Handmade in recycled platinum by Ethical Jewellery Australia

Click on the image to learn more about this halo-style ring

Coloured gemstones

The most popular gemstones for engagement rings are sapphire, ruby and garnet.

We can offer you Australian, US, vintage, Fair Trade and lab grown options.

Of course, other gemstone varieties are available. We can also work with your own heirloom diamonds and gems if their condition is suitable for setting in a ring.

Follow these links to learn more about gemstones and lab grown.

I highly recommend EJA to anyone looking for a personalised jewellery design. As a customer seeking a unique engagement ring that needed to meet very specific constraints, Melinda went above and beyond to make it happen. The final result was a truly beautiful work of art.

This would not have been possible without the communication and personalised service provided by Melinda that allowed me to be involved in the design process and transfer my abstract desires into a concrete design.

Thank you again to Melinda and everyone else with EJA for creating the perfect design.

Alex from Sydney, NSW

How the design process works

You might be wondering how you can design an engagement ring via the internet?

It’s actually easier and more convenient than you might think. We have literally hundreds of very happy customers who’ve already worked with us in this way.

Email works best

Once you make contact with us you’ll guided through the design process by email. You can share your ideas and we will go back and forth with you until the design is ready and the diamonds or gems are chosen.


Ring image: Handmade engagement ring. This ring has been made from recycled platinum and features a central claw set Argyle white diamond. Set in the band are a collection of pink and white Argyle diamonds.

Typical technical drawing of a ring pre-production. Click on the image to see how this ring turned out.

Drawings and photographs to help you visualise your ring

As most people are ‘visual’, we rely heavily on drawings and photographs of existing rings to help zero in on the design you’re after.

Of course, we’ll be asking a lot of questions about your partner to understand their colour preferences, style, taste, interests and any special requests. And we’ll take into account practical things like workplace requirements as well.

If you’re ready for some inspiration take a look at our Gallery page.

Always available to talk one-on-one

After more than 10 years of designing rings this way, we have perfected the art of designing remotely. (Just read through our testimonials if you’re unsure.) But if you need reassurance that you’re dealing with real people, we’re also very happy to chat with you by phone.

I want to thank Melinda for all of her guidance and help in designing and producing our beautiful ring.  She helped us source local gems (which was important for us) and was just so extremely communicative throughout the whole process. She made a real effort to get to know us at first, tailoring the experience to suit rather than just “selling jewellery”. 

The end result is a beautiful ring and a happy fiance! I would highly recommend Ethical Jewellery Australia for anybody wanting a very unique and personal piece created by lovely people, with the peace of mind that comes from knowing how your materials are sourced.

Dave from NSW

How long will it take?

There are many things that can affect how long it might take to create a custom designed and handmade ring. It’s rarely a quick process, so give yourself plenty of time.

Design and manufacturing can take up to six weeks or longer

Coming up with the right design might only take a few hours, but then again it might take weeks.

Similarly, finding, choosing and having your preferred diamonds and/or precious stones delivered all takes time.

Image of yellow gold ring being pierced like fretwork to create a Celtic style ring

Hand making rings is an involved process that can include many steps and processes, and often other craftspeople like engravers

Then there’s manufacturing which, depending on the season (back log of work), complexity of the design and what other skills are required (gem setters, engraving, valuation etc.) all adds to the process.

That said, as a rough guide, it usually takes us about five to six weeks to deliver a handmade ring once the design has been signed off.

Let us know if you have a deadline

Bespoke jewellery design and manufacturing is one of those industries where things take as long as they take.

The important thing is if you have a specific deadline, please, please, please let us know when you first contact us.

If we can’t meet your timeline, we’ll be honest and upfront about it rather than stress and disappoint you with unfulfilled promises.

How much will a handmade engagement ring cost?

There are two parts to this answer; the cost of the design process and the cost of the ring itself.

1) The design process

Simple designs without CAD renderings are free of charge, as is our advice.

Technical drawing of a blue sapphire engagement ring with white diamonds bead set on the shoulders

Typical technical drawing to help our customers visualise their finished ring

However, if you’re looking to design something unique and want to see a scale image of the ring before committing to having the ring made, then can offer a full design service with CAD images created just for you.

This is typically $150 unless multiple revisions are required.

2) Manufacturing the Ring

Photograph of some pieces of a halo style ring during the manufacturing process

Hand making an engagement ring can be a very complicated process as various components need to be fashioned by hand before being assembled and polished

There are five major cost factors when it comes to making an engagement ring:

  • The complexity of the design. The more complex it is, the more labour ($s) required to make it;
  • Your choice of precious metal. Broadly, platinum is more expensive than gold; (By the way, we don’t offer silver as an option. It’s simply uneconomic to use in a handmade engagement or wedding ring.);
  • The weight of the metal required to make the design. Finger size plays a part in this, but generally simpler designs use less metal than ‘chunkier’ or elaborate designs and the material cost reflects this;
  • Your choice of diamonds and/or gemstones. As you probably know by now, diamonds and gemstones vary wildly in price depending on things like clarity, cut quality, size, shape, colour and rarity. You could spend anything from a few hundred dollars at one end of the scale to tens of thousands at the other; and
  • The world market. The pricing of international commodities like precious metals and diamonds can be volatile depending on what’s going on in those markets. Sometimes you’ll pay more. Sometimes you’ll pay less. It’s not something any jeweller has control over.
Pricing Guide

To get more of an idea about how much things cost, you can visit out Ring Budget Guide page.

But please keep in mind, the best way to get a meaningful estimate of how much the ring you want will cost is to get in touch and let us walk you through the options.

What should your budget be?

We find the best place to start is with how much you can afford or want to spend – and work backwards from there to get the best value from your available budget.

What’s a ‘ball park figure’?

To give you some kind of an idea, the starting point for a handmade engagement ring is about $2,500 to $3,000.