Working out your U.S. ring size

Three simple ways to work out your ring size 

Convert from known measurements

If you already know your ring size by Australian or UK terminology, then simply use the table below to workout the equivalent US size. (If your size is not listed, just go to the next size up. That will do for pricing purposes.)

Otherwise use the internal diameter measurement of another ring that fits or measure the circumference of your finger.

Measure your finger at home

If you don’t have a ring you can measure that fits, follow these simple instructions to work out your ring size.

Step 1: Cut a strip of paper (or roll up a strip of aluminium foil) to the width of the ring you want, making sure it’s at least 80mm long if you have large fingers;

Step 2: Wrap the strip around your finger (snug, but not too tight) where you expect the ring will sit and mark off where it overlaps;

Step 3: Lay the strip out flat and measure the bit that went around your finger from the end to where you marked off the overlap. That will be a pretty close estimate of the inside ring circumference you want;

Step 4: Compare the circumference you’ve measured to the numbers on the ring size chart above and there you have it! (If you can’t find an exact match, choose the next highest number. That’ll do for pricing purposes.)

Of course, if you happen to have a ring that fits your finger well, just measure the internal diameter. (Using Vernier Calipers is the most accurate way to do this.)

Request a ring-sizer kit

Photo of the ring-sizing tool we send to customers to confirm their finger size

Ring-sizer – US sizes 2.5 to 14

Taking a measurement of your finger using one of the methods described above will help you get an approximate size – good enough to work out a price for your preferred ring.

But if you’d like to get an accurate size, feel free to request one of our ring sizer kits.

The kit comes with instructions to help you work out your best size (fingers can change in size with heat and cold).

All we need is your contact details and your postal address.

Complete your information below and we’ll pop one in the mail for you straight away.

(By the way, we respect your privacy and will not share your information with anyone outside of EJA. Click here to review our Privacy Policy.)

Request a Ring-sizer Kit