Inspiration gallery

A selection of the designs we’ve been creating for our customers since 2007

Here you’ll find a selection of rings and other things handmade by us for individual customers. If you don’t see anything that’s close to what you’re looking, just drop us a line. We’re all about helping you creating the perfect piece of jewellery for you or your partner, so we’re more than happy to help you develop your ideas.

If we can make it to last, we will make whatever you like. If you would like work with us to design and make your engagement ring, wedding ring/s or other things, please email or call 07 3379 2596. No matter where you live in Australia, we would love to help you.

Please note: We do not have a physical shop or hold stock of any jewellery. Everything is custom made exactly as you want it.


If our gallery looks a bit ‘thin on the ground’, that’s because this is a totally new website for EJA and we’re in the process of migrating 11 years worth of photographs across from our old site and our archives. It’s slow going (especially as we’re adding more detail)!

If you’d like to see more, visit us on Instagram @ethicaljewels or contact us to discuss what you’re looking for. We’ve made hundreds of rings over the years, so we’re bound to have examples similar to what you want.