Our guarantee to you

Ethically produced, high quality jewellery generations to follow would be proud to own

No-surprises design and size guaranteed

​Whether you’re designing a ring face-to-face or remotely (as we do with almost all of our customers), the challenges are the same. Getting the best possible result is all about paying attention and asking the right questions.

Of course, photos, rough sketches and technical drawings can all play an important part in getting the visuals right, but just as important are considerations like occupation and interests and day-to-day wearability.

Melinda has been designing rings and other jewellery pieces in collaboration with customers since 2006, so she’s very skilled at asking all the right questions.

Bringing your ideas to life

Throughout the design process we use photographs and sketches to zero in on your design—and sometimes that’s enough.

If you need more, we are able to do a reasonably detailed technical drawing of your design to make sure we’re all on the same page.

A technical drawing of the first agreed design is free. Subsequent different designs will attract a fee that will be discussed with you at the time.

As much as we’d like to, we can’t always guarantee the ring size will be right right

Getting the size right, especially when  you want the ring to be a surprise, can be a bit tricky at times.

Over the years though we’ve developed a number of clever ways to help you get the size right without giving away your secret. (Be sure to ask us about this if you need help!)

Of course, we’re happy to send a ring-sizer to help too. Just click the button below.

If a re-size is needed, there’s usually no charge*

If it turns out the ring still doesn’t fit properly, despite our collective best efforts, we’ll usually re-size it for free provided the size isn’t too far off the mark and the ring design allows for it.

Re-sizing a ring (especially an engagement or dress ring) that is more than a whole size too big or too small can often cause problems with the structural integrity of the ring. The best course of action will depend on the design.

Fortunately this isn’t a common problem and we always do our best to avoid it.

*If the re-size is more than a whole size up or down or the design presents problems, we will discuss the best course of action with you at the time. Sometimes there’s no option other than to completely re-make an out-sized ring, in which case additional manufacturing charges may apply.

Manufacturing Warranty

Our jewellers are all highly experienced and skilled craftspeople who take great pride in their work, so we’re glad to say manufacturing problems are rare.

But of course, your jewellery is guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects. That includes non-accidental breakage of gemstones.

Making a claim

If a problem with the manufacture quality does arise, we will repair or replace your piece free of charge—as you should expect.

For you to make a claim, we will need you to return the piece to us for inspection.

If it turns out the problem is not the result of a manufacturing defect, you may still be able to make a claim against your insurance and we can advise you on that.

Otherwise we can provide you with a competitive quote to repair or replace the piece.

Non-manufacturing Defects

Jewellery you wear day-to-day or even only every now and then is always going to be subject to the normal bumps and wear and tear of everyday life.

Over long periods of time precious metals get scratched and can wear down and, likewise, diamonds and gemstones can get also get scratched or chipped. These are not manufacturing defects.

Likewise, the fine claws often used to hold diamonds and gemstones in place on some jewellery can get accidentally bent or broken.

Normal wear is not covered by our warranty, and nor is accidental damage. However, your insurance may cover accidental damage or loss of a significant diamond or gemstone.

If you would like your ring cleaned and polished every year or so,  we are happy to do that for you for a small fee.


Conflict free, ethically sourced materials

Ethical Pledge

Ethical Jewellery Australia has taken a pledge via www.ethicalpledge.com  to take part in responsible supply chain measures to ensure that the goods we supply are free of conflict, labour violations, sanctions, and human rights abuses.

Diamonds and Gemstones

All of the diamonds we offer have been purchased from legitimate rough diamond sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with UN resolutions.

Coloured gemstones are either certified Fair Trade, come from international resellers closely connected to the miners and we know personally or are sourced locally in Australia from reputable dealers.

Kimberley Process System of Warranties

We hereby guarantee that our mine-origin diamonds are conflict free based upon personal knowledge and/or written guarantees provided by our suppliers.

Likewise we guarantee that none of our diamonds has been manufactured in breach of UN resolutions 1173, 1176, 1306 and 1343.

Beyond the Kimberley Process

The mined diamonds and gemstones we use are from a known origin and are cut in factories that are compliant with Jeweltree Foundation standards. These standards ensure no child or exploited labour, fair wages and working hours and safe working conditions.

Precious Metals

With the exception of customer-supplied metal (usually in the form of old jewellery), we source all of our gold* and platinum from a Gold Coast-based refiner, Precious Metal Technologies (PMT).

PMT conform to the highest standards of environmental protections in their processes and, of course, acquire their recyclable metals from legitimate sources—typically from jeweller lemmel, dental waste and unwanted jewellery (often via licenced second hand dealers or direct from the owner).

*We can get certified Fair Trade gold if that’s your preference.

Our shipping policy

Our responsibility until you sign for it

Until you collect your jewellery piece or it’s delivered to your door and you sign for it, it’s entirely our responsibility.

That means if your piece goes missing or is damaged in transit, it’s our problem and we’ll fix it. (By the way, since 2007 we’ve shipped thousands of items via Australia Post and we’ve only ever had one go astray. And even that was found within a couple of months.)

Express Post, Signature-on-delivery, Fully insured

For local customers we often hand deliver or sometimes customers come to us. Otherwise we use Australia Post’s tracked Express Post service and require a signature on delivery. (We provide you with a tracking number so you can monitor progress.)

In the event that the value of the item exceeds the insurable limit with Australia Post, we can use a fully insured secure courier service. This does attract a fee as it is an expensive method of shipping.

Returning an item

Once you take delivery of an item it is no longer covered by our insurance. We strongly recommend you add your jewellery piece to your Home & Contents insurance and make sure it’s covered as a “portable valuable”. That way if you do need to ship it anywhere for any reason, it’s covered.

In the event of a manufacturing defect, we will cover the cost of shipping and transit insurance if required.