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Everything you need to know when designing your wedding or commitment rings

All your questions answered

If you’ve already ‘popped the question’ or you’re ready to make a commitment with more than just words, this guide is just what you need.

Written entirely with the ethical buyer in mind, you’ll learn not only about making an environmentally and socially responsible purchase, you’ll also find out about:

  • Setting a budget that matches your needs;
  • The 7 key decision points you need to consider when purchasing a wedding or commitment ring; and
  • Is recycling old jewellery a worthwhile option?

On top of that you’ll find stacks of photographs to inspire your design ideas along with helpful hints on buying diamonds and precious gemstones.

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Here’s a quick overview of some of the things you’ll learn

In this comprehensive guide we’ll walk you through:

The 7 key design considerations you need to take into account:
  1. How much you have to spend – understanding how much things cost so you can set a realistic budget;
  2. The aesthetic you’re trying to create. Is yours going to be purely ‘functional’, or are you aiming to add more meaning to the design;
  3. Occupation and Interests – we want to be sure the rings you have made will be easy to live with;
  4. Your hands – an often over-looked design consideration. The ring needs to suit the size and shape of your hands and fingers;
  5. Allergies and skin reactions – the right metal choice and ring design can make all the difference between something being a pleasure to wear, or a pain;
  6. Does the ring need to be fitted to an engagement ring?; and
  7. Allowing enough time – designing and hand making an engagement ring is not a quick process. Here we’ll make sure you don’t cut it too fine.
Making new from old:
  • In this section we explore the option of recycling old jewellery to make new pieces. Is it worth it? And if so, how it’s done and what your expectations should be. (We understand too that sometimes it’s all about the sentiment.)
Precious metals and design
  • Here we’ll look at the available options – which will be best for you and your ring design – and how to design and maintain a ring to keep it looking beautiful
The terminology
  • If you’ve never bought wedding or commitment ring before, describing what you want can be a bit tricky. There’s a whole lot of terminology that, once you know it, will help make the process much easier
Plus …
  • You’ll learn about diamond grading and what’s important when choosing a stone
  • If coloured gemstones are your preference, you’ll learn what to look out for and what to avoid
  • Birth stones and anniversary celebrations
  • The popular diamond and gemstone cuts

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Heirlooms your children will be proud to own

Maybe we’re being a bit presumptuous – that you’re planning to have children – but even if you’re not, generations that come after you will be proud to own an EJA ring because of the ethics underpinning our business.

Ethical Jewellery Australia was founded in 2007. At a time when people were only just starting to understand that the purchasing decisions they were making  could have far reaching affects.

Since then we’ve worked hard to help our customers appreciate what a difference it makes to be an ethical jewellery consumer.

Socially responsible and ethically sourced

For us, “ethical jewellery” means jewellery that has been made with recycled or Fair-mined precious metals and ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones.

Wherever possible we source Australian diamonds and gemstones to reduce our carbon miles and to support the local economy.

We don’t work with material that has been sourced from a conflict area or processed by an exploited workforce – so no sweatshops, no child labour.

Precious metals

All of our rings are made with recycled gold, platinum or palladium sourced only from environmentally responsible metal refiners. (Fair-mined gold is an option if that’s your preference.)

Engagement rings are made by hand in Australia. The only rings we offer that are not completely handmade are die-struck wedding rings sourced from Hoover & Strong – a US eco-refiner.

The only prefabricated parts we use are some earring and chain components which we purchase from suppliers who use recycled metals.

Diamonds and coloured gemstones

All of the diamonds and gemstones we offer in our rings and other jewellery are sourced from non-conflict regions, are Fair Trade or are vintage or recycled in origin.

We do not supply any gemstones or diamonds that have been cut or processed in any way by child or exploited labour.

Likewise we don’t use irradiated gemstones or stones enhanced with beryllium or any other toxic treatments.

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