It’s time to do more to reduce our carbon footprint

Ever since we launched EJA in 2007 we’ve worked to deliver a solution to customers who want their significant pieces of jewellery (like their engagement and wedding rings) to be produced in the most ethical way possible.

To help achieve that we’ve only ever used precious metals, diamonds and gemstones that are responsibly sourced. Always doing the best we can to minimise harm to the planet and to its people.

Nonetheless, even though our jewellery has a much smaller carbon footprint than most, we’re still in the red when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions.

So, to contribute to off-setting the emissions we are responsible for, we’ve started a new working relationship with the Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund (CNCF).

For every ring or other piece of jewellery we sell, we’ll plant two trees on your behalf

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Visit CNCF at

For a while now we’ve been looking for a carbon off-set solution. And gladly (very recently), we happened across the Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund.

They’re a West Australia-based organisation that provides a service to individuals and businesses to help them off-set their carbon emissions. They do so by planting native trees and shrubs in areas that need regeneration.

Of course, their efforts do a lot more than just sequester carbon. Planting natives in degraded areas helps to restore an area’s biodiversity providing habitat for all manner of microorganisms, insects and animals.

Please check them out

Taking meaningful steps to combat global warming really is important. It’s probably THE most important thing we can do to help secure the future of the generations that come after us, no matter where they live on the planet.

Please take the time to visit CNCF’s website. They have a number of ways you can get involved as an individual or as a business – and it really doesn’t take much to make a meaningful difference.

About EJA

Ethical Jewellery Australia is an online engagement and wedding ring specialist. Every ring is custom designed and made to order.

We take our customers through the whole process from design to sourcing and finally to manufacturing.

All rings are handmade in Australia with recycled metals. (We can also supply Fair Trade gold if requested.)

Likewise, we only every use ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones. You can choose from Argyle, recycled, vintage and lab-grown diamonds, Australian, US, Fair Trade, recycled and lab-grown coloured gemstones.

By the way, we offer an Australia-wide service.

Book cover. How to create your partners dream engagement ring by Ethical Jewellery AustraliaIf you would like to learn how to start your engagement ring design adventure, get in touch today.

Or if you’d like to start by learning more about designing an engagement ring, download a free copy of our 70+ page design guide.


About the Author: Benn Harvey-Walker

Benn is a Co-founder of Ethical Jewellery Australia and a keen student of ethical and sustainability issues in the jewellery world. He has a long history in sales and marketing and began working with EJA full time in early 2018.

Benn co-authored the original Engagement Ring Design Guide in 2014 and edited the 2nd Edition in 2018. He is also the principal author of our wedding and commitment ring design guide.

His main responsibilities at EJA are business development and sales process management.  Benn also creates technical drawings for our ring designs.