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Birthstones and anniversary gemstones

If you’re looking for something a little different that has some meaning and significance, consider choosing featured birthstones or other gems of personal importance. Birthstones are great in stud earrings as a birthday gift. Others like to make pieces (pendants are popular) with multiple gems to represent each family member.

Use the following guides to help identify potential choices. Please note, in order to provide a varied choice of significant ‘ring worthy’ stones, these guides feature both modern and traditional choices.



Month Gemstone
January Garnet (the green ones are gorgeous)
February Amethyst
March Aquamarine, jade (beware of imitations)
April Diamond, zircon (very brittle, not a great choice)
May Emerald, green tourmaline
June Pearl, moonstone, alexandrite (super expensive, can cost more than diamonds – very difficult to find)
July Ruby
August Peridot (not a great ring stone)
September Sapphire, lapis lazuli (possibly not ‘precious’ enough for an engagement ring)
October Opal, pink tourmaline
November Yellow topaz, citrine
December Blue topaz, tanzanite

 Pendant image: 40th Anniversary pendant Fair Trade Ruby in recycled 18 carat white gold

This gorgeous ruby pendant was commissioned for a 40th wedding anniversary gift.

Anniversary stones

Year Gift/gemstone Year Gift/gemstone
1 Gold jewellery 13 Citrine
2 Garnet 14 Opal
3 Pearl 15 Ruby
4 Blue topaz 20 Emerald
5 Sapphire 25 Silver jubilee
6 Amethyst 30 Pearl jubilee
7 Onyx 35 Emerald
8 Tourmaline 40 Ruby
9 Lapis lazuli 45 Sapphire
10 Diamond 50 Golden jubilee
11 Turquoise 55 Alexandrite
12 Jade 60 Diamond jubilee