Pink Moissanite Halo-style Engagement Ring

We know it’s not everyone’s favourite colour, but it’s hard not to admire this fabulous bubblegum pink moissanite ring. (While moissanite does occur naturally – usually in a grey-ish colour – this particular moissanite is man made and was supplied by our customer.)

Hand made in the classic halo style, the centre stone is surrounded by 18 x 1.3mm recycled diamonds. The band is recycled palladium*.

The matching half-eternity wedding ring you’ll see below is made with platinum and is set with 18 x 1.5mm Argyle diamonds from WA.

*When this ring was made, palladium was an affordable alternative to platinum. Since then its cost has skyrocketed, now coming in at more than double the price of platinum. The good news is platinum is the preferred metal for fine jewellery because of its inherent strength and durability.

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