Proposing marriage in the 2020s

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Photo of our founder, Melinda Bailey, at her desk

Melinda Bailey, FGAA – Founder and Principal Jewellery Designer

Since we started Ethical Jewellery Australia way back in 2007, we’ve seen a lot of changes.

Probably the most exciting and momentous was the legalisation of same-sex marriage in Australia at the close of 2018, but aside from that we’ve seen the engagement and marriage landscape evolve steadily over time.

And with increasing concern about climate change and human rights, more people are choosing ethical alternatives.

Have your attitudes changed?

Marriage equality, feminism, housing affordability, fair trade … have any of these cultural and economic realities changed the way people like you feel about what’s important when getting engaged?

That’s what we’d like to find out.

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Viewing the results

To see the results, visit our Blog in late April, watch out for our next newsletter or keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook feeds.

Thanks in advance for contributing. We’re excited to find out how people think these days.

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